Compact Kids Bible: Pink Camo

A full text Bible in International Children's Bible® translation in an adorable pink camo canvas cover and just the right size for young hands.  Embroidered with a cross, flowers and a butterfly, this Bible is perfect for fashionable girls. The cloth binding style offers kids a compact and cool look to carry their Bible to church, school, or on-the-go.  It's durable, flexible, and incredibly cute for girls of all ages!

Full text Bible in International Children's Bible translation
Pink camo canvas cover
Embroidered with a cross, flowers and a butterfly
Comes in original box

Hot Luxury Girls: Best of Sugar Posh Beauties

Tammy Sanborn's photos range from the sultry and seductive to innocent and playful. Together, they create a body of work featuring the full range of women's erotic expression. There are come hither glances to "catch me if you can" whimsy. One minute Sanborn's models are showing off, baring all in a brazen bid to get you to not look away, and the next they are simply luxuriating in their nudity, carefree, exotic, and ready for anything. Those who appreciate glamour will linger over the festive designs these women sport, their naturally beautiful bodies enhanced by all manner of glittering material. But it's the simple sexiness of her work that makes Sanborn shine. The raw, animalistic desire emanating from the core of these women, turning them into sex kittens intent on getting exactly what they want, surfaces on every page. They are inviting the viewer to look, and to touch, to enter the page and join them on their erotic journey. We are fortunate to live in an era when women don't have to put away that most powerful part of ourselves in order to claim our place in the world. Sanborn knows this, and taps into the unbridled power of female desire, the kind that wants to share its knowledge with a partner, but doesn't need to. These women know how to get off you can see it in their body language, in their cool stares but they want a lover (or several) to join them, whether in bed or the great outdoors. With these photos, they are inviting all of us to collectively join them, to take part in the pleasure and freedom from convention they exhibit here.Sanborn also takes traditional labels of femininity and remakes them in the name of sex. These women are modern, bold, and brash, and telegraph an irresistible combination of strength and sexiness. They are shiny, slippery, looking like they belong on the beach or in bed. They are the kind of girls who, as women, we develop girl crushes on, become mesmerized by, and the kind of women who make men walk into poles, blinded by pure lust. By entering their world, you agree to surrender all your troubles. You cannot look at these photos and not be swept away, each more erotic than the next, a visual come-on we are powerless to resist. Go ahead, try to look away: I dare you. See? That's right. You can't, not even when you get to the last page.